While in college, I have focused on building a small game studio. As part of this studio, I work as a planner and write game outlines and plots. I want to create games that are very accessible, simulate a new world, and add cultural products with national and regional characteristics into game content. The free role-playing structure of the content of my games allows players to cooperate to create revenue within the game. In this virtual world, creating new ideas through collaboration is the most important thing. I believe there is infinite potential in the world of the Internet. The explosion of network information promotes the common culture of the world, and people’s values can be integrated globally. Through certain rules, players can cooperate with each other and divide labor, which may create more interesting visual effects within the game. In this virtual game world, different cultures should not have advantages. Players from all over the world become friends only through the entertainment of the game, thereby recreating and redefining culture.  I have a great desire to reconstruct my life, and my project is always based on a high degree of freedom to immerse the audience in a virtual world. The virtual world can help us restore the stories of various fantasy novels, such as J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Fantasy can be realized through virtual experiences, anyone can be a more perfect interpretation of their own inner thoughts, no longer limited to reality.     

In the past 20 years of my life and five years of studying in the United States, I find that electronic networks have become a part of most people’s lives.  The way people socialize is very different from their predecessors.  People immersed in the virtual world need to a place to relieve their feelings. They use software and receive information pushed by companies. In the age of the Internet, people need a quiet place to relax instead of being the rude receiver of information. In this world, people can get knowledge or opinions quickly through mobile phones, but many opinions are often not objective, which leads to misleading or false information and loss of creative independent thinking. In all kinds of communication, both old and new, virtual worlds have become a source of curiosity and fear. Virtual identities force people to magnify their personalities, both good and bad. For example, some people live in a very difficult environment and can only vent their dissatisfaction by abusing others. It is my hope, that my own work in game design can help create new opportunities for communities to collaborate together, thereby creating a positive space for interaction online.